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The easiest way to start your app without code

RailsRocket is a no-code app builder that creates real code apps backed by a marketplace of developers

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Getting started got good

We've worked hard on the blank canvas problem. No other app builder gets you started this quickly.

Rocket ship onboarding

Our onboarding process gets you to a functional prototype in minutes. No learning curve, no head-scratching.

Get branded, without the pain
We capture key brand details including, logo, colors and fonts from your existing website and use them to customise your app.
Power to the template
Get the ball rolling with a library of fully wired templated apps covering common use cases. Templates can be altered, combined and customised in novel ways.
Front end fantastic
Show your best side and pick up one of our library of attractive, responsive front ends - wiring included. Or bring your own frontend from Webflow.

Build the pyramids in a day

Visual, powerful and productive, our app builder captures intent without letting the wiring get in the way.

Visual canvas
Underlying data and architecture are editable on a simple visual canvas. Making big moves is as easy as drawing a diagram.
Data-backed forms
Change your form, your data will change and vice versa. Forms and data stay in sync but can be independently edited.
Easily authenticate
Create private admin areas, client areas and public facing areas of your app. Invitations and self-serve are built in.

Press button to launch

With direct integration to a number of established hosting providers you can launch your app, at scale with the push of a button.

Go further than you thought possible

Your app is backed by real code, so you can take it anywhere and easily get help from an army of seasoned developers.

Real Rails apps
All RailsRocket apps are backed by a real Ruby on Rails codebase which belongs to you. Rails is a battle-tested framework for building apps with a fantastic ecosystem.
Developer marketplace
Easily find and engage with an army of passionate developers who are vetted and ready to work with RailsRocket apps.
No-code meets code
You can continue to build out features using RailsRocket without writing code while your developer builds more technical features with code.

Thought through building blocks

Our library of building blocks are designed to work together effortlessly. You can combine and connect them in different ways for an almost infinite number of possibilities.

Connected data

Listing, management, forms and public data-backed widgets and pages. All from a single source and seamlessly wired together.

Branded dashboards

Bringing all your data, objects and users together in a branded panel for easy management. Key data and metrics are easily surfaced.

Sites and Pages

Visually create attractive pages backed by data. Easily connect multiple pages into a site. You can even create multiple sites in the same app.

Embeds and Popups

Embed your app or a part of it into an existing site, either inline within a page, or as a popup, using only a single Javascript tag.

Front end components

Loads of styled, branded, templated, interactive components let you present your data to the user in the way that's right for your app.


Create automations and workflows in a visual environment. Data updates, notifications, reminders and integrations all handled in one place.


Visual designer with a host of form controls and layouts all automatically connected to data with validation built in.


Easily build multistage forms including progress saving and reminders.


Create public or protected APIs onto your data. All fully documented for easy use and consumption by others.

Content management
Easily create blogs and pages. Make interface copy editable and make your sites multilingual.
Charts, numbers & stats
Define charts from your data or call out individual stats. Pepper through your app or assemble into dashboards.
Team listings
Simple and manageable team areas for your app. Store data in the app or pull it from elsewhere.
Clean visual ways to display feeds of time-series data such as posts, activity or price changes.
Media asset management
Easily add a media library to your app with a user friendly uploader.
Thought through interactive calendar primitives to add to your app. Sophisticated scheduling on top.
Easily add reminders for appointments or other events. SMS, Email or notification. Configurable schedule.
Soft delete
Archive your data instead of deleting it forever from the system.
People working on laptops

Who could use Rails Rocket?

New entrepreneurs Get your MVP up lightning fast, realise your idea yourself now without worrying about scaling or platform limitations in the future.

Existing businesses If you've always wanted software to manage your business but been put off by high development costs, now you can build it yourself at a fraction of the cost.

Marketers Easily create new sites, pages, lead gen forms and other web based marketing materials. All dynamic, with content manageable by your team.

Sales teams Easily create lead management, CRM and team management tools bespoke to your specific needs. No worries about lock-in.

Developers Build apps more quickly for your clients. Get new clients by signing up to the developer marketplace. Easily create tooling to manage workflow or teams.

Agencies Keep costs down by building your clients' apps in RailsRocket. Get new clients by signing up to the developer marketplace.

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We're currently under active development and launching a private beta soon.